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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Information

The Health of Our 病人 is Our Number One Priority

The health of our patients and our caregivers is our number one priority. While the virus is still circulating in our communities and is still contagious, Hennepin Healthcare is committed to being one of the safest places you can receive care. We understand the uneasiness everyone is still feeling and we are here to help everyone get through this, 在一起.


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Frequently Asked Questions about COVID-19

COVID-19 is a novel virus that gives you a fever, makes you cough, and impacts your breathing. “Novel” means that this particular virus has never been seen before in human populations.

For information about COVID-19 visit the Minnesota Department of Health website

There are some key differences between 流感 and COVID-19. COVID-19 seems to spread more easily than 流感 and causes more serious illnesses in some people. It can also take longer before people show symptoms and people can be contagious for longer. Another important difference is there is a vaccine to protect against 流感. There is currently no vaccine to prevent COVID-19.

Learn more on the CDC website “Similarities and Differences between Flu and COVID-19​”

If you have any COVID-19 symptoms, you should get tested right away and self-isolate until you receive your results. 读到 COVID-19指导 以及关于 如何进行检测 进来之前.

  • If you are caring for someone with COVID-19 at home or in a non-healthcare setting, follow this advice from the CDC to protect yourself and others. 
  • Dr. Krishnan Subrahmanian, from our Pediatrics Department, answers questions about caring for your family in our 社区常见问题视频.

If you are pregnant and have concerns related to COVID-19, visit one of our pregnancy and prenatal-specific FAQs:


We want you to know the ongoing steps we’ve been taking to increase everyone’s safety. Learn all about the changes we have put in place to make sure Hennepin Healthcare is a safe place for our patients, 访客和我们的员工 您的安全我们的首要任务.

Please remember that we continue to limit visitation at our facilities.

  • Already have a Video Visit scheduled?
    Find more information on the 视频访问 页面. View these instructions to help ensure a successful video visit with your provider:
    视频访问 (英语)
    视频访问 (西班牙语)
    视频访问 (索马里)
  • 安排电子访视
    If you need help with scheduling or access an e-visit visit our e-visit网页


We have compiled a variety of state, national and local resources in multiple languages about topics like COVID-19, 预防, 健康问题, 心理健康, and where to find support for food, 住房, 以及其他服务.

多语言资源 - resources in multiple languages including Spanish, Somali, Hmong, ASL, and more.

COVID-19 Basic Needs Impact Survey

COVID-19 Basic Needs Impact Survey: Taking the pulse of the pandemic

COVID-19’s rapid arrival in Minnesota in March 2020 created many changes in our community. 在此期间, we created a phone-based survey to better understand the needs of our primary care patients, especially those at highest risk of poor outcomes, and to inform how we care for our community during COVID-19.

5月11日至6月12日, 2020, nearly 400 adult primary care patients reflected on their experiences with the arrival of COVID-19 and resulting social and economic impacts.